Inflorescence CD

Recording... new music from soundSCAPE, featuring commissions by festival faculty; November 2013 New Focus Recordings release

Dublin & the UK... Presenting research on New Music Festivals in March, 2014 ...more>

American Prize! Nathanael is the overall winner of the professional division, 2012! ...more>

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A classically trained pianist...
   inspired by the music of our times

Promoting composers of the past and present:

        Artistic Director: soundSCAPE festival in Italy
            provides international exposure and training
            for young artists; uniting composers and
            musicians in the performance of new music


         Strung Out Trio: violin, guitar, and piano
            2012 marks the ten-year anniversary of this
            unique ensemble; concerts in Europe and the
            States to highlight commissions old and new


         Entrepreneur ?Adjudicator ?Teacher
            workshops, competitions, master classes,
            student achievements